A good innovation strategy is crucial for ventures

A good innovation strategy is crucial for ventures

A good innovation strategy is crucial for ventures

Globalization represents a paradigm shift in different dimensions of our life. Currently we can do internet purchases of products that are anywhere the planet and receive it in our homes in a few days. The opening markets and facilities in communication and communication processes transport could, in theory, reduce the relevance of the location organizations in terms of competitiveness. In a first moment, it would be plausible to think that it doesn’t matter region of a company, after all it will receive the inputs it needs and will sell anywhere in the world (PORTER, 1998).

When it comes to the development of new technologies and innovation, Silicon Valley, a region located in the State of California, in the USA, it is the largest worldwide reference. Several companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Intel and Yahoo are installed there.

A good innovation strategy is crucial for ventures can become successful and achieve good
market share. Large companies, as a rule, have part of its budget for the development process
new products. Small companies (SMEs), which are in their initial stages, live a different reality,
considering that they operate with few resources and technologies precarious.
According to KACHBA and KAZUO (2013), the adoption of product development collectively is a strategy
innovation that helps to overcome the challenges of the process Research & Development (R&D) faced by SMEs.

Therefore, it is possible to identify geographic regions that developed by virtue of cooperation and knowledge exchange among companies looking for innovations.

Management context: the time for innovation

With each new crisis in the economy, “apostles of technological innovation” claim that companies have only one way out: to innovate. Otherwise, they will move towards extinction. Or, at the very least, they will be condemned to poor performance.

You have certainly heard this argument. In fact, the great scientific and technological progress in force - evidenced on the internet, on increasingly smaller computers, on new materials and on discoveries in the fields of life and health, among others - opens the way for the evolution of business. And, if a crisis presents itself, there is nothing more opportune than the entrepreneur to rethink his products and services, as a strategy to leave the turbulence stronger.

However, the reality of SME entrepreneurs is quite different. Some, when faced with a crisis, die. Others seek to concentrate only on survival, hoping that overcoming the difficult moment will bring a new wave of heating the economy and improving profits. In these two cases, companies miss opportunities to innovate, even if due to the need imposed by the crisis.

Why Design Thinking is important for innovation?

Design is a way of thinking, of determining people’s true, underlying needs, and then delivering products and services that help them. This is the starting about Design. The meaning of the concept.

There isn’t one single process or toolkit that serves every single case. There is a wide variety of processes and tools that people customize to serve their needs. Human-centered designers always start from the place of not knowing the answer to the problem they’re looking to solve.

By embracing that ambiguity, and by trusting that the human-centered design process will guide us toward an innovative answer, we actually give ourselves permission to be awesome creative.