Choosing a good name and domain.

Choosing a good name and domain.

Choosing a good name and domain.

There is a situation that happens with any entrepreneur developing a new idea.
It appears when you are already convinced that your idea would make a good startup, you have already managed to mentalize and scribble all the main points and at some point close to that, the only thing you can think of is: What will be the name and domain. It is incredible how a block is created, where from that moment on, nothing happens without an identity.

A startup is like a giant puzzle, where each piece can contribute positively, neutrally or negatively. There are pieces with more important weights, others less important, but none of them will kill you individually, but a set of bad pieces, yes. That's why I prefer to always worry about fitting good pieces, especially when those pieces are name and domain.

As important as the name is, I don't think you should spend a lot of time deciding which name to use. I see that in many startups this becomes a martyrdom, because the partners do not they are able to decide which name to use and this has dragged on for months, delaying everything that lies ahead.

Exactly for this reason, it is common to start product development without having a name yet, but when it comes time for you to design the product, nothing comes out without a brand.

The designer will never be able to create a logo for you without a name, and there is no point in thinking that he can create a generic brand that does not work, a brand is completely encrypted with the name.

I usually set up a week to solve this, I lean over the computer brainstorming words, searching in dictionaries of different languages, synonyms and the like.

Right after that I mark beside the name the viability (or not) of the domain.

At this stage I always come out with a list of over a hundred names. Then I make filters until I get to just one name. The other founders can do exactly the same thing and this operation can be repeated several times, until everyone is satisfied, but never exceeds the deadline.

If the domain is not available, this should not be a very serious problem, everything has its price, it is important to identify it to enter as another influencing point at the time of decision. I see that in Brazil many people give up fantastic names because the domain is not available, but that they could certainly be purchased at a fair value.

Fred Wilson even commented on his blog, that he used to recommend his companies to invest up to $ 10k in a domain, but that recently had to increase this amount to $ 25k and currently the recommendation is $ 50k.

But there is also the other side of the coin, important people who disagree with me, 37signals for example, think that the name you choose is not so important. They believe that a good product outperforms any bad domain and name.