Innovation Business Ideas Making Your Head Spin?

Innovation Business Ideas Making Your Head Spin?

Change management: a phrase heard often now in the world of business. Innovation within an organization is often praised as the key to future successes, but we often get caught up with this notion and find ourselves hung up and thus stalled by the prospect of creating the perfect, disruptive, monster idea. If this is your current position, stop! Stop thinking so BIG. If huge innovation business ideas are making your head spin, stop hitting the track without stretching and start fresh.

Why not start out with small incremental steps that collectively create one beautiful, well thought out and executable idea? Think about it this way: one idea that you have the ability to make work is much more valuable than a million failed ideas (although there is something to be learned from them as well). That attainable idea will ultimately lead to a larger one and then an even larger one and soon the concept of regular, focused innovation management will be in your grasp and you’ll be executing that idea.

Start out by examining various facets of your organization structure and systems. What works well with each process, and what could perhaps use some improvement? Step back for a moment and try to change your perspective. Better yet – ask for suggestions. Create an environment that encourages participation in the cultivation of ideas. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be the ultimate source for innovation, and instead start relying on those you trust to come forth with suggestions that can make a difference.

Once you have established the route you will take, examine it from different angles and table it at a meeting before implementing anything. Put those feelers out and test the waters. Far too often, one of the worst mistakes that companies make is to develop and idea at the top without seeking the advice of those impacted most by change. Planning a change and then surprising those effected by the change can lead to fear –after all, change can sometimes be alarming and so this needs to be managed appropriately to ensure all team members are on board.

When it comes to innovation ideas that can be sustained and can grow on their own, starting out small can actually be the best way to encourage continuous change management with long term results. The key here is, as in life, to take the first baby step on your innovation journey. You simply won’t get anywhere until you learn to walk.

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