Social media and social networks. Are they the same?

Social media and social networks. Are they the same?

Social media and social networks. Are they the same?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs ... are some of the social media that many of us use every day. Apart from using them to have fun or maintain contact with family and friends, they can be used to promote a business or company that a person has. In fact, many companies already do. If you have ever thought about it, but you have any doubts about which medium to choose and how to use it to promote your business, read on and we will explain it to you.

    1.Social media describes the online tools that people use to share content, profiles, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives and media itself, thus facilitating conversations and interaction online between groups of people. These tools include blogs, message boards, podcasts, micro blogs, lifestreams, bookmarks, networks, communities, wikis, and vlogs.

    2.Social Media is the democratization of content and the understanding of the role people play in the process of not only reading and disseminating information, but also how they share and create content for others to participate. It is the shift from a broadcast mechanism to a many-to-many model, rooted in a conversational format between authors and people. —The Definition of Social Media.

 When entering the social networks, the image of the user becomes public as it has followers who can see their updates and that cause direct stimuli to them, obtaining a pending variable towards their reputation. That is why it is very important to have maximum care of the publications that are made within social networks.
 Likewise, having coherence in the work carried out with the activity carried out in social networks must be directly proportional; Otherwise the image of the user of said social network will be questioned about its reality and integrity.

Social media is a virtual word of mouth. Just as we trust more when choosing a product or service in the opinion of the people we know (for the confidence they inspire us), social media gives us the opportunity to exercise that word of mouth, but covering much, much more , Worldwide. Studies show that a large percentage of consumers and consumers rely more on the recommendation of a friend, relative, someone they know, rather than a professional recommendation. Social media opens up a world of possibilities in terms of recommendations.

Apart from this, it is important for any company or business, however small it may be, to have a presence in social media, because it is almost certain that customers or clients are talking precisely about that business on Facebook or Twitter; so it is important to be part of the dialogue, to talk with customers, to see what the competition is doing and to safeguard the online reputation. For the latter there are tools that we will talk about next.

Social media provides anyone who has a business, a cheap way to promote themselves, much cheaper than traditional media like putting an ad in a newspaper. On the other hand, just because everyone has a Facebook page does not mean that it is the best way to do marketing. Taking into account the amount of time that can be wasted with Twitter, blogs, Facebook, the key is not to get on the social media cart because yes, but to use the perfect medium for the business you want to promote, since not all media, like not all companies, are the same.

Finally, the concept of social media as a way to get the highest possible number of fans is outdated, the really fundamental thing is to think of Twitter, Facebook or Google+ as a way to establish long-term relationships. The most important thing is not how many people get into your Facebook page, but what those people do with the information they find there, so you have to offer quality content instead of worrying about reaching millions of people. Premium quality, not quantity.

Networks and social media are not the same:

    • Social networks: When people interact. It can be online, or in person. It has always existed. An example can be a buyer in a central market in the small city where he lives, where he interacts with neighbors, friends, family.
    • Social media: Application, medium, or platform used to interact over the internet (Facebook, Pinterest, etc).

Going back to the past: the concept of content provided by the user and its relationship with social media
Concept: "user generated content" or content that is produced by the user or the user. Without this content, social media would not really exist. What is behind the concept of user-produced content is a change that has occurred in recent years in the dissemination of information, encouraged by social media and before, the Internet.

Until recently, people received the news through traditional media (newspapers, magazines, television, etc.) but now, thanks to the internet and especially to social media, communication flows both ways. A newspaper continues to give us news, but in its comments section below the articles, readers and readers can give what is called in English "feedback" (response, opinion) to the published. If this newspaper also has a Facebook page, you will also receive comments from readers of your articles or you will also get opinions from readers on your own on Twitter.

Other people have also set it up on their own and have opened blogs, where they can write, publish photos and thus establish an "expert identity" and have an "online community."

In a way, today anyone can be their own news media, that is, that the rules of the game have changed and this change has been brought about by the tremendous rise of social media in recent years, although the media have taken a long time. Little to adjust.
Why do people connect to social media? Why follow your favorite brand through a social media like Facebook?

People connect to social media for the following reasons:

- To interact with your contacts.
- To comment on news / news.
- To meet new people (make new virtual friendships).
- To hang content (videos, articles, etc.). To watch videos.

What will interest any entrepreneur or businesswoman is that people also connect to:

- To follow brands of your favorite companies.
- Comment on your advertising.
- Contact customer service

 People become a fan of a brand or a company and follow it through social media because the brand likes it, and is interested in receiving interesting offers.
- You also become a fan of a brand because it is required when participating in a raffle. As for the content that interests followers, they are raffles and promotions, job offers, information about products or services, customer service, fun or interesting information.

In just the last few years, young people's daily lives have been turned around in the fascination of social networks on the Internet attracted by innovations and perhaps the consumption of communication trends. Due to our continuous search for new and more dynamic ways of communicating and interacting with others, these websites have had a great boom and it is expected to continue like this for the next few years, since the Internet will only continue to move further every day. social interrelations in the world. Through the various social networks that exist on the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google plus and Blogspot.)

We have the possibility to interact with other people even if we do not know them, since these systems are open and are built according to what each subscriber to the network contributes, each new member who enters transforms the group into a new one.