The 4 concealed circus tricks of the venture

The 4 concealed circus tricks of the venture

The 4 concealed circus tricks of the venture

ILLUSIONIST: Talent and enthusiasm for growing an innovative project.

Admit it, you have to be a little wizard to be in this, we use our talent and our intelligence to get captivated and attract attention to our projects. With our hands, enthusiasm, many hours of practice and some magic we create projects in the confidence that they are applauded, that they are bought by the public. Our goal is to awaken the surprise. There is much illusionist rival like us and we must be different, to be hooked by the originality of our idea, by our genius.

We must not forget also that the Royal Academy defines magician as "Person singularly qualified for success in a given activity" ... and there we are! ... "He is a wizard of Big Data tools."

And study, test, try new formulas, meet our audience, in short, prepare to act with the assurance that we will offer what we do best. The entrepreneur needs to have sufficient training to achieve the objectives that he proposes, to anticipate the risks and know the opportunities he has when he decides to venture to create a business project.

BALANCER: Serenity added to the technique to avoid mistakes

In addition, we manage many dishes at the same time, design and create the company, organize its operation, manage day to day, sell, build the project, find and obtain financing ... uff! Sometimes, too many issues that cause us doubt ... and doubt to chaos ... and of course, some dish goes to the ground. But as Winston Churchil said "Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm," so without thinking of abandoning, we adopt our mistake as one more fact to learn and find new alternatives and solutions. We resume our balance and start now with more experience and the same enthusiasm to achieve success in our project.

In a complex, competitive and increasingly difficult environment, a perfect sense of balance between tranquility, experience and knowledge will be necessary to make decisions on time, accept and ensure that we achieve the objectives set as entrepreneurs.

MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Initiative and command to reach the goal

    "A leader does not have to be the best in the company, but the glue of the team, which makes everything flow" - Elena Gómez (Womenalia)

Indeed, there we are also, the enterprising master of ceremonies, leading the show with courage, strength and sobriety, so that the end is successful and rewarded by the public.

A teacher who plans establishes the project strategy and the direction of the team's efforts. Who knows how to make decisions in a timely manner and acts decisively to capture the attention of third parties, consumers, partners, investors ...

Sometimes exercising this activity may seem abusive or tutorial, but it is also our function as entrepreneurs, we have opted for a goal and we have to channel the company towards it. And for this, in order to maintain tension and emotions among the team, we will have to mix control doses with doses of trust and leadership, as a necessary formula to achieve the planned goals.

In addition, an entrepreneur, as a master of ceremonies, must be prepared for everything, at any time something may fail and he must have sufficient resources to avoid the obstacles involved in the creation and implementation of a business project.

KEYSTONE: Trust in the team and quick decisions

Finally, entrepreneurs are also trapeze artists. Organizations are not isolated entities, they are born, live and survive in global ecosystems where consumers are perfectly informed and increasingly demanding. Survival, therefore, becomes an acrobatic act where risk and dangers are generally avoided without a net. It is the skill and expertise that ensures that the company turns and turns successfully. The most difficult pirouettes are the most applauded and spectacular and therefore the ones that attract the most attention, but we must not forget that these projects are the ones that also carry the most danger and therefore the highest percentage of failure and fall.

And to perform this profession, trust in the team is basic. That timely hand at the right time and in the right place is vital to complete the exercise. As entrepreneurs we must make quick decisions, have a decision to avoid failure, a bad movement, an indecision at an inappropriate time, a doubt ... it can mean a fall. Therefore, assuming agreements with the rest and offering an image of transparency and security in our movements will guarantee a successful path in our companies.